At Kiddies Nursery, the curriculum is flexible enough to cater to young minds. The curriculum is robust and provides a 360-degree growth opportunity for the youngsters. We blend play time and "seat work," helping develop academic skills while allowing children to learn through play.

Our early learning programs emphasize hands-on learning, intentional play, and developmentally appropriate lessons and activities. The curriculum excluding extra-curricular activities in Kiddies Nursery can be broadly classified into two groups -


Our Pre-Nursery makes your children to a more structured day with activities, group interaction, and numerous opportunities to be informative as he/she travels along the path to discover. Our curriculum and weekly themes are based on real-world sensory experiences in order to cater to this need. Your child will spend a major part of his day, singing, dancing, laughing, playing and exploring both indoor and outdoor.

Plays & Drama

Your kid will be actively involved in plays and drama which will help them engage in collaborative, imaginative play for sustained amounts of time.

Panting, Dance & Music

At Kiddies Nursery, we try to find the inner drive of every kid. That’s why we keep the kids involved with co-curricular activities like dance, music, painting, etc. This helps us as well as the kids to explore their hidden talents.

Yoga & Self Defence

Our staff ensures that kids learn and practice Yoga as a daily routine. This builds the kids to work on enhancing health habits since early childhood. We also encourage self-defense among kids to help build self-confidence.


Kiddies Nursery teaches essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, GK and activities such as sports, music, drama, etc. that encourages children to learn one step at a time. Monthly themes, weekly topics, and daily activities keep the curriculum focused and teach key academic skills while teaching children to explore and understand the world they live in. The activities encourage curiosity, self-initiative and persistence.

Our staff seamlessly weaves key math, science and literacy concepts throughout each child’s day through daily child-directed and teacher-directed opportunities and the curriculum of our outstanding specialty classes. For example, a walk outside may involve counting flowers, identifying patterns and talking about symmetry in the shapes they see.

Let’s give you an in-depth idea of Kiddies Nursery’s academics -

Reading & Writing

Books, words, letters and writing materials are accessible for all children throughout the day. Our staff works on developing pre-reading skills through children’s experiences with letters and words in writing stations, art projects, reading books, music and more.

Math & Science

Placing one block on another, arranging seashells in patterns or counting up the number of cereal pieces at snack time — these activities contribute to future understanding of mathematical concepts.

At Kiddies Nursery, we ensure that kids experience materials and activities that promote thinking about the spatial relationships between objects with dice, dominoes, manipulatives, blocks, and puzzles.

Play & Social Learning

Play is paramount to learning and preparation for the academic experience in kindergarten. The ability to work with others cooperatively is learned through the development of the play.

The play sessions at Kiddies Nursery help kids understand social concepts like teamwork, friendship, asking questions, interactions, etc.

Independence and self-help

Being able to separate from loved ones is another critical piece toward academic learning. If children are worried or sad because they’re missing their parents or caregivers, they’ll be distracted and will distract others.

Our teachers are prepared to help kids who have trouble saying good-bye so that they’ll be able to master this skill by kindergarten. And kids who know how to take care of themselves, such as hanging up their jackets or washing their own hands, will feel more confident when asked to do so as they grow old.

Other Activities

An exclusive playgroup for younger preschooling kids to develop a habit of meeting new people, making friends, along with the basic mannerism. The basic developmental needs of a child in the playgroup age are what we cater to.

Story Time

We make children learn through visual content and images that help them to directly connect to the thoughts and understand things better.

Sand play

This program helps in developing the fine motor skills in a child. It develops a search behavior in the child and drives them towards the feeling of excitement.

Fun with toys

The activities conducted in this preschool activity targets the young mind to reap out curriculum based results using different toys and methods of learning.

Sharing and Caring

A Child is made to learn basic values such as caring and sharing. Interactive sessions are taken up to develop communication and interacting skills at an early stage.

Educational Tours

These tours are normally walking tours for groups of 10 to 30 visitors, led by a tour guide. Campus tours are often preceded by an information session, presented by a member of the admissions staff.