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About School

Kiddies is not just one school in a long list of preschools in Delhi/NCR. But it is, a school which is actually desired to provide enriching environment to the children. A school where we assure children, the journey of learning to be full of discovery expression with fun filled activities which comes to reality.

At Kiddies each and every activity is been designed by keeping child in the mind. Children here learn in playful way, they enjoy it and have lot of fun. As they enjoy it, they learn quickly and show interest to learn more and more and get register in their mind.

In Kiddies, we work as a facilitator for the students which help them to move from one level of learning to another along with moral values.

In Kiddies every child is learning at their own pace and interest. Every day they are encouraged by their facilitator to do more. 

This KNS journey has been started 14 years back. I am very proud to say that, at KNS we believe in good relations. And to maintain these relations, we take care of all the stake holders such as parents, teachers, managing staff, co worker etc. KNS is trying to perform and give the best to the children and make a better future for the little kids that every parent dreams for their children. KNS is reaching every part of Delhi NCR to provide the same. Very soon you will see us everywhere.

Last but not the least; I strongly believe each and every child is a hope and promise for tomorrow. Come lets together begin this journey of learning with full of fun and discoveries for our little children.