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Since 1993

About Us

At Kiddies Nursery, we believe that early education and guidance plays a pivotal role in providing the stepping stone for toddlers and preschoolers. Established in 1993, we bring forth decades of experience and the highest standards of excellence. Kiddies Nursery School is a state-of-the-art educational platform operating under Kiddies Educational Society (Regd.) and is one of the leading educational service providers in India. As of now, Kiddies Nursery schools are present in most parts of India. Our robust curriculum and exceptionally trained teachers reflect our standards of excellence.

At Kiddies Nursery, we believe that all children are uniquely gifted right from their birth. Thus, keeping the toddlers’ progress in mind, we have created a caring, brilliant, and nurturing learning environment. We have ensured that we leave no stones unturned to be the best preschool with daycare in Delhi.
We are the pioneers in early childhood care and education. Our curriculum has been designed keeping in view the special requirements of every child. It is designed to nurture, care, and above all fulfill these little learners diverse needs. We are proud to say that Mrs. Manisha Singh (Principal and a State Awardee 2008-09) having an experience of more than 25 years is responsible for taking the Kiddies Nursery fraternity at new heights.
The faculty and staff of Kiddies Nursery Schools honor the extraordinary gifts that each child is born with. We work on helping your kids perfect their specific set of skills which further enhances their talents and life-skills that are essential for their holistic development.
When your child walks into Kiddies Nursery, they are free to explore and learn in classrooms that are beaming with possibilities. Our highly qualified teachers work seamlessly with parents to provide unique programs that allow children to grow intellectually and physically.
We provide an experience that nurtures core values such as compassion, friendship, and kindness. Creative opportunities in the classroom, gardens, playgrounds, etc. inspire these young minds.
At Kiddies Nursery, we bring together teachers, parents, and children in a unique cooperative learning environment. This connection and sense of community give little learners the security and confidence they need to stretch their wings and experience the wonders and joys of childhood.
We ensure that our students develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities
Our staff and teachers ensure that each child receives individualized attention that is necessary to meet their specific needs. Our staff has gained outstanding skills that help them to communicate with Kids through words as well as gestures. These skills allow our tutors to be assertive while being receptive and reactive at the same time.
So, if you have been looking for the best center for child development and learning, you have found it.
Kiddies Nursery Preschool is the best of both worlds - an impressive daycare with a family setting where your child can be confident and happy in a creative outdoor as well as indoor space. Kiddies Nursery School prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place.
From building strong relationships with parents and children to our open-ended curriculum and extracurricular activities, everything at Kiddies Nursery Preschool is set-up to help every child succeed.
We appreciate your interest in Kiddies Nursery and hope you enjoy learning more about our preschool. Please browse through our site, and let us know how we can assist you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our Mission

We are proud to let you know that Kiddies Nursery Preschool is by far the best play school in Delhi NCR. Kiddies Nursery is a progressive year-round preschool providing Delhi NCR families with a child-centered approach to early learning, collaborative family atmosphere, and a safe, inspiring environment that encourages creativity and exploration.
Our early-childhood program engages children ages 2-5 years with developmentally appropriate activities and focuses on the “whole child.” Through creative exploration and play, we support each child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth. Our program incorporates social and environmental awareness into our curriculum and emphasizes earth-friendly practices and healthy choices.

Our mission is to revolutionize the education system with play way schools so that education is imparted to children for life. The education we provide does not encompass only knowledge but also the enhancement of talents and life skills that are essential for the holistic development of the child.
At Kiddies Nursery school, our core mission is to inspire kids for their own thinking to understand the world around them. We approach kids with interactive, social and community learning process including play and fun zones along with awareness of hygienic habits so that their day could be full of basic learning apart from academic understanding.
We are focused on providing a fun, nurturing and curiosity-driven environment where children develop a love for learning and a grateful perspective on their lives, Our goal is to nurture curiosity, strengthen resilience, and cultivate an appreciation for the world around us so that young minds can thrive.
Our Core Objectives are -
1. provide world-class education at a very affordable fee across India.
2. explore the innate potential of Kids and provide them with a healthy and emotional ambiance for learning.
3. facilitate natural ambiance for learning and thinking through their basic instincts involving tools and techniques from their all-round development.
4. bring out their inherent qualities and broaden their intellectual vision to understand things around them with creative and logical thinking.
5. promote the learning model of child psychology and cognitive pedagogy for the betterment of Kid's personality and their intellectual power.
6. provide preparation for Kindergarten in a loving, caring environment, and encourage the child to grow in an awareness of self and others.

Our Branches


Ganesh Nager

E-9/672 , Gali Number 5, Block E, Ganesh Nagar II New Delhi - 110092
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Laxmi Nager

F-193/B , H No 549 ‘A’ Shastri Gali No.1 Mangal Bazaar Laxmi Nagar New Delhi - 110092
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Panchsheel Balak Inter College Sector-91, Noida Expressway
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Our Facility


The Smart Board interactive whiteboard operates as part of a system that includes the interactive whiteboard.


While computer labs are generally multipurpose, some labs may contain computers with hardware or software optimized for certain tasks or processes, depending on the needs of the institution operating the lab.


While computer labs are generally multipurpose, some labs may contain computers with hardware or software optimized for certain tasks or processes, depending on the needs of the institution operating the lab.


While computer labs are generally multipurpose, some labs may contain computers with hardware or software optimized for certain tasks or processes, depending on the needs of the institution operating the lab.

24x7 CCTV-Camera Sureillance

CCTV is the abbreviation of Closed-circuit television. It is the security camera technology used for variety of purposes. With the development of modern society there is need of security.

Educational Tour

These tours are normally walking tours for groups of 10 to 30 visitors, led by a tour guide. Campus tours are often preceded by an information session, presented by a member of the admissions staff.

Bio metric Attendance

Our Biometric systems operate the automatic identification, verification or authentication of a student. Biometric data include fingerprints, retina, a face or a outline of a hand. And send outo SMS to Parents.

Parent's Login Portal

Enter your unique id and password that have been sent to you by school. Then you can access your child performance online,attendance report,online payment,result,online practice test analytics,homework and many more.

GPS Tracking

GPS data pullers are also known as GPS transponders. Unlike data pushers that send the position of the devices at regular intervals (push technology), these devices are always on, and can be queried as often as required (pull technology).

Is my child going to school regularly?


The entire Campus is under CCTV surveillance and a Special Camera is installed right above the school

GPS Tracking SMS Alert

GPS transportation tracking for child security. Present/Absent Attendance SMS alert


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